Translating the Bible takes quite a bit of money! This project is supported by individuals and organizations. If you would like to financially support the project, you can donate via:


Within the Netherlands:

                          NAme          Wycliffe Bijbelvertalers
                          Rabobank:  1452.88.676
                          IBAN:            NL44 RABO 0145 2886 76 
                          BIC:              RABONL2U 
                          o.v.v. 'gift accountnummer 63513'


From the United States:

                            Donations can be made via Wycliffe USA
                            This project is an official project of Wycliffe Nederland, fund 63513

Gifts are tax deductible in the country in which you donate

.Thank you for your support!

If you have questions, please make contact with us via our Contact Form.


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